School district hears water rights updates from GMD5

The St. John-Hudson USD 350 Board of Education met August 14 in regular session in the board room at the school.

The meeting was called to order by Derek Foote. Members present included Derek Foote, Shawn Ward, Katrina Hickel, Vance Fisher, Carl Behr, Raymond Long. Staff members present included Josh Meyer, Blain White, Angela Petersen, Alisa Fisher and Joanna McAlister.

Patron Comments

Orin Ferril, manager of GMD #5 updated the board about the recent developments with the Quivira water impairment claim. The proposed cuts to irrigation would be detrimental to the local economy and the school district. Board members had a lengthy discussion with Ferril and he was able to answer many questions from the board.

Football Facility

Leah Alpers discussed with the board about raising funds to improve our football concession and restroom facility. It was the consensus of the board to have Alpers move forward with getting donations.

2023-24 Budget

Information about the budget was provided to the board members on the supporting documents file. Mr. Meyer discussed with the board the mill levy and the numbers in the budget. The budget will be published in the local newspaper and then the board will hold hearings for the budget and the revenue neutral rate at the September board meeting.

Raymond Long moved and Carl Behr seconded that the Board approve the 2023-24 budget for publication as amended and discussed to reflect a mill levy reduction of 1.5 mills.

Library Budget

The library budget was provided to the board members on the supporting documents file. The budget has been reviewed by members of the interlocal board.

Vance Fisher moved and Shawn Ward seconded that the board approve the library budget as presented.

Special Education Cooperative Assessments

The amount paid to the coop is based on student enrollment percentage. That percentage is 5.76% for the upcoming school year and the total dollar amount $275,938. The budget form for special education funding was provided to the board members on the supporting documents file.

Raymond Long moved and Vance Fisher seconded that the board approve the special education assessment as presented.

Facility Assessment – Consolidation

Superintendent Meyer discussed with the board about the need for improvements of the our facilities and potential consolidation with the surrounding school districts. No further information on that topic was made available to the public.

Classified and Administrative Staff Salaries

The raise for the teachers on the salary schedule amounts to an average of 3%. It was recommended that this amount be applied to pay for classified staff and administrators.

Vance Fisher moved and Raymond Long seconded that the board approve a pay increase of 3% for classified staff and administrators. That motion was carried unanimously.

Long-term Substitute Pay

It was recommended that the board increase pay for substitutes who are working in one position for a long period of time. The long term substitute pay rate starts on the 10th day when serving in the same position.

Carl Behr moved and Shawn Ward seconded that the board approve that resolution 2024-11 be amended to add a long-term substitute rate of $160 per day.

Milk bids

Bids for milk for the school meal program was presented to the board at the meeting. It was recommend to approve the bid from Evco.

Raymond Long moved and Katrina Hickel seconded that the board approve the bid for milk from Evco as presented. Motion carried.

Administrative Reports

Angela Petersen reported on the following on: theme for year for elementary grading system, social and emotional development, math intervention, remote special education teacher, Tessa Smith – SCKSEC teacher of year

White reported on the following: enrollment numbers, bell schedule, new staff, core mentoring program, student leadership group, CDL classes for high school, home school students participating in sports and data on random drug testing.

Meyer reported on the following: teacher evaluation, district accreditation, new staff, open Enrollment policy, facility updates, capital outlay plan, strategic plan, tiger pride night.

After two consecutive executive sessions, the board returned to open session at 9:18 p.m. where a motion was made and seconded to hire Omar Portillo as the high school assistant football coach. This motion carried unanimously.

Carl Behr moved and Shawn Ward seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m.