Peaceful Prairies Poetry

The Welder

My friend he is a welder,

Can use both wire and sticks!

But the friendship that he shares,

Is the glue that really sticks!

Long ago and in a far off year,

Twas when I met this gentle soul,

But as days pass one thing is clear,

To be a blessing is his goal!

‘Luminum, brass or steel he will bond,

Metals he can glue with any kind of weld,

If it’s your job he’s workin’ on;

You can count that it will hold!

Why just the other day I bought a briggs,

I pulled the lid back, all I saw was parts!

But with his fancy welding tricks,

By Jove now it starts!

So blessed are these friendships ,

Where we share both joys and fears;

How good to see in a welder’s shop,

That bonds us through the years!

Thanks Keith!

.dbs. 8-17-2023

Life Lessons!

We’ve got our way of thinking

The way things could be and should,

but not all our thinking ,

is clearly understood !

because when I was a teen,

I thought I knew it all

the really all I knew,

Was how to muck, out a stall!

and then in my 20s,

I thought that I knew more;

I thought the old folks,

Must really be a bore!

then into my 30s,

We buzzed around like bees,

But smell from the nursery,

says change me please!

In my 40s this was the score,

Always work to do and more!

Once in my 50s I’ll maybe get a glimpse,

that maybe…..just maybe,

I can break from fixing fence

Now in my 60s I certainly know less now,

Than all those years ago

When I bought my first cow!

so as I’ve gotten older,

with the lessons I have learned

One things for certain,

don’t let the learning,

Get the lessons spurned!

.dbs. 6-19-2023