Great Plains Wondering Generosity not in short supply in Alaska

While the beauty and ambiance of Alaska’s landscape fed our spirits during a recent visit there, several experiences my wife and I had led us to conclude that Alaska is a state not only large in size but also in hospitality and generosity.Michelle Patton is an Anchorage native who also lived in Colorado for over a decade, where she met and became friends with one of my coworkers.
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Adventures in Reading Rescued pets are wonderful

I knew I was in trouble when my husband came into the Duckwall’s where I worked during college and asked me how to pay for something with my employee discount...especially when I noticed the little pink cat collar in his hand.
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Peaceful Prairies Poetry

When it comes to testing of your brain,You can work it out with a scrabble game!Maybe sudoku’s up your line,Or crossword’s how you pass your time!Perhaps when spelling your escapades,A word search is how you escape!Wordle seems so hard to some,To others it’s a bit of fun!But if you want to catch a phrase,A game like these might pass your days!Or they might boggle up your head ,Scrabbling up your thoughts instead!One thing for sure, it taxes a bit,To spin them around so the words all fit!Don’t get caught in a jeopardy,When you say a family feud is not for me!Just tackle a game of ole bingo,And let your thoughts upwords go!When it comes to words of my mouth,I pray dear Lord, they don’t go south;And let my thoughts, pleasing be,I know each one, dear Lord you see!For Lord you are my strength today,So help me watch the words I say!.dbs.
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